IP Banning is a useful tool to prevent site abuse when suspending or deleting a user is not enough. This prevents the user from creating new accounts or interacting with the site. It does not prevent the user from viewing the site however.

The IP Banning tool can be accessed from the main control panel, the moderation control panel, or from the Admin Moderation Tool.

By default, IP Bans last for 1 year. However, when banning an IP, a network moderator has the option to set the length of time the ban is in effect. Choices include:

  • one year
  • one month
  • one week
  • one day
  • one hour

Managing Banned IPs

Once an IP has been banned, it is listed in the control panel on the Managed Banned IP page. This page shows the date the IP was banned and the date it will expire. Each IP can also be manually removed by hitting Remove Ban to the right.