Forum signatures is a way for your users to let other posters know a little about themselves and if enabled, are displayed after the body of each forum post. This is typically prefaced with a single line separating the signature from the post.

Network Wide Signature Options

The network administrator has the ability to decide if forum signatures will be allowed on a network, as well as how they will be used. These options are found in the Control Panel at Plugins > Forums.

These options include:

  • Enable/disable signature usage on the site. Signatures are on by default for a network. If they have been disabled, however, users will not even see the edit signature box in their forum preferences page.
  • Enable/disable HTML usage in signatures
  • Customize allowed length for signatures

Editing Your Forum Signature

A user can edit his signature from his forum preferences page.

Example 1

  • Signatures enabled
  • HTML not allowed
  • 500 character limit

Example 2

  • Signatures enabled
  • HTML allowed
  • no character limit


Members of the Network Moderators tier have the ability to edit the signatures for all users on a network.