The User Profile module displays the user’s profile photo and profile information. Unlike previous modules designed to display profile information, the User Profile module allows the network operator to pick and choose what information will be displayed within the module. Options include:

  • Display name
  • Avatar (links to user profile page)
  • Change profile photo link (if you are the owner of the page)
  • Loyalty points
  • Status (will include link to change status if you are the owner of the page)
  • User Interaction Menu (if you are not the owner of the page)
    • Send Message
    • Add as Friend
    • ‘Wink’ / Quick Action (if enabled)
    • Invite to Group
    • Block User
    • Report User
  • Profile information completed
  • Online now status


TitleInput TypeOptionsDefaultPage Type
TitletextMy Profilenodeusergroup
Owner IDtextBLOG_OWNERnodeusergroup
Display ItemsselectDisplay NameAvatarChange Profile Photo LinkLoyalty PointsStatusUser LinksProfileOnlinenodeusergroup