The Override Stylesheets feature can be accessed from the main Control Panel at Site Builder > Look & Feel > Custom Style Sheets.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language used to describe the presentation of a document written in a markup language (in this case, HTML). CSS is used by authors of web pages to define colors, fonts, layout, and other aspects of a page.

This feature allows you to define four stylesheets to be loaded on your network.

When a stylesheet is used

  • Network Override: This stylesheet is loaded only on network level pages. A network level page is a page that does not belong to a user or a group. This includes the home page, the network aggregation pages, the help pages, signups, etc.
  • User Override: This stylesheet is loaded on all user and group level pages. This includes all subpages within a user or group’s profile.
  • Toolbar Override: This stylesheet loads on every page on your site. It is used to store style elements that are common throughout the site. Use this file for styling your header and footer, avatars, image thumbnails, etc.
  • Print Override: This stylesheet is for use on networks who expect users to be printing portions of their site. Please speak to your Project Manager for more information about using this feature.

Defining a stylesheet location

To use this feature, simply specify the name and location of each file. For example:

  • Network Override: http://images.onesite.com/yourdomain.com/network.css
  • User Override: http://images.onesite.com/yourdomain.com/user.css
  • Toolbar Override: http://images.onesite.com/yourdomain.com/global.css
  • Print Override: http://images.onesite.com/yourdomain.com/print.css

It is important to note that this only sets the location of your CSS files. You will need place your CSS files in the specified location using the FTP program of your choice.