When creating your blog post, there are several pieces of information that can be included to help your blog reach your intended audience. Some of these are required, like the title, while others are optional.

  • Title – This is the title of your blog post as you want it to appear. A title can only be used per user. Profanity in the title will block your blog from being created.
  • Tags (optional) – Tags are a way to categorize your blog post based on words or phrases of your choice. These tags will show up in the network tag cloud.
  • Categories – Content Categories are set by the network operator through the control panel and are a way to categorize your blog post based on provided categories.
  • Entry Status – The entry status affects who can view your blog post.
    • Public – All users can view your blog post.
    • Friends – Only users on your friend list can view your blog post.
    • Private – Only you can view your blog post.
    • Draft – Your blog post is unfinished. You can go to your Manage Blogs page and edit the post.
  • Publish to Group (optional) – This feature is enabled on a group by group basis by the group owner and allows users to associate their blogs with groups they belong to.
  • Publish to Facebook (optional) – This feature allows you to add a wall item to your profile that links back to your blog post.