Getting Started: Site Setup

ONEsite offers a very robust set of options within the control panel. Getting started can seem daunting at first, but after a small learning curve, you’ll be building websites in no-time!

The control panel is broken into 7 different sections: Dashboard, Site Builder, Users & Groups, Moderation, Plugins, Options, and Analytics.


The dashboard tab has quick statistical information about your site as well as relevant articles about ONEsite updates and uptime.

Site Builder

The site builder tab can be utilized to perform most of the site buildout tasks you will be performing.

Page Builder

In the page manager, you can edit the drag and drop modules for any page on your network.

There are 3 different types of layouts: Network, User, and Group. These different types are determined based on where the page is loaded. would be a network template, while would be a user level template.

Each of the modules has many configuration options that can be used to get the exact content you are looking for.