The ability for users to create their own groups is part of ONEsite’s core offering.


  • URL addresses
  • URL availability
    • available – selected URL is available to use
    • unavailable – selected URL is in use
  • Group Name
  • Categories – if the Content Categories feature is enabled, this field will allow users to add their new group into one or more available categories.
  • Brief Description – This description is used on the group aggregation page.
  • Full Description – This description is used in the Group Overview module.
  • Join Method – The join method affects what users can join your group. It does not affect their ability to see it.
    • Anyone Can Join
    • Screen Join Requests
    • Invitation Only
  • Privacy Level – the privacy level affects who can view your group. The option to create a private group can be disabled by request by your project manager.
    • Anyone Can Visit Group
    • Only Network Members Can Visit Group
    • Only Group Members Can Visit Group
  • Acceptance of Terms
  • Group Type – Group Type is related to coupon code functionality. If you have created coupon codes and set them to display on the group signup creation, this field will display on the form.
  • Coupon Code – The coupon code field will only display on sites that have created coupon codes and specifically assigned them for use in the group creation flow.
  • Word Verification / CAPTCHA

Premoderation of Group Creation

ONEsite does support the option to premoderate all new groups. When activated, users will still be able to follow the above flow, however their new groups will not be usable until the group has been approved.