Quick Start to the ONEsite Developer Portal

Getting started with the ONEsite services is easy. All you need is an API devkey and you’re ready to begin. Email us for a ONEsite API devkey at support@onesite.com. Once your account has been verified and approved you will receive a confirmation email with the following:

  • Credentials to log into the ONEsite Control Panel
  • Your Domain
  • API Dev Key

Introduction to REST

ONEsite’s REST (Representational State Transfer) API offers a quick, easy, effective and rapid method to remotely access commonly used functionality of the ONEsite Social Networking Platform. Using a REST call, formatted in a similar manner to the familiar Internet URL, you are able to request information directly from ONEsite servers from your servers. The responses from these calls to the ONEsite REST API can be blended directly with your own service offerings to give you a high degree of control and flexibility over how you represent your service to your clients. For example, you could host your own blog postings pages while using the ONEsite REST API to handle comments or an RSS feed of the blog postings.