The Video Settings feature can be accessed from the main Control Panel at Plugins > Videos.

Adjusting the Network-Wide Settings

This page allows you to modify Network-wide settings for Video Quality (bitrate) and Size (resolution) or adjust these settings on a tier by tier basis.

At any time, you can restore the default video settings for the network or a tier.

Audio Quality Options

  • 32
  • 64
  • 128
  • 192
  • 256

Bitrate (Quality) Options

You may adjust the bitrate for both normal videos and widescreen videos separately.

  • 1000 kbs
  • 1500 kbs
  • 2000 kbs
  • 2500 kbs
  • 3000 kbs
  • 3500 kbs
  • 4000 kbs
  • 4500 kbs
  • 5000 kbs

Dimension (Size) Options

You may adjust the dimensions for both normal videos and widescreen videos separately. Dimensions must be between 100 and 560 and be even numbers.

Tiered Video Settings

Sometimes, you want more customized control of video uploads than what is covered by the network-wide settings. By assigning video settings to individual tiers, it is possible to give selected users the ability to upload higher quality videos than the average user. This is useful if a network needs to display high quality trailers, or sponsored videos.

Select a tier from the dropdown to edit its individual video settings. As with the network-wide settings, tier video settings may be restored to default at any time.