User Relation

The permissions for creating and/or interacting with a piece of content may vary depending on the user’s relation to the site or to the content itself.

Valid user_relation options

Name Description
owner Owner of the content
moderator A user who has moderator privileges
group_member User is a member of the current group
friend User is a friend of the current user
member User is a member of the social network
non_member User is a guest to the social network

Usernames and user IDs

Most of the REST services which interact with a particular user operate by targeting a ‘userID’ in the platform. This ‘userID’ is an integer which is the primary key for the user in the ONEsite platform. This ID is not made generally available to the user.

Some partners performing two-way integration with ONEsite services may chose to store the ‘userID’ for a particular user in their own data store to facilitate easy access to the ONEsite APIs. However, it is also possible to use a combination of the ‘username’ and network ‘domain’ instead of the User ID.

Every user on the platform is either available within the global collection of users or available within a certain “network” of users. The “domain” parameter is used to target a particular node/network of users within the platform.

Example Call


is equivalent to