The Group Members module functions like the User Listing module. Instead of displaying all network members, it is limited to the members of a group. It also has the ability to break the display of the list up into sections to show the owner or moderators separately as well as members.

Information displayed within the module includes:

  • User Avatar (links to user profile)
  • User Name (links to user profile)
  • Type of User Header (optional)

Many sites choose to use two copies of this module on their group profile page – one to display the owner and moderators, and a second to display only normal group members.


TitleInput TypeOptionsDefaultPage Type
Member TypeselectAllModeratorsAllgroup
Show OwnerselectYesNoYesgroup
Table Columnsnumeric1:102group
How Manynumeric1:9912group
Show NamesselectYesNoYesgroup
Tier Associationcustomgroup