All Galleries

When you first visit a user’s photo or video galleries you are directed to the All Galleries area. Here you’ll be presented with a thumbnail list view of all the photo or video galleries a user has created. Each gallery thumbnail will include:

  • Gallery cover image
  • Title of gallery
  • Number of photos or videos in the gallery

View a Gallery

When you have selected a gallery you would like to view, you will first be presented with a paginated list of thumbnails. Clicking on an individual thumbnail will allow you to view that image.

Viewing a Photo

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • User actions menu

Viewing a Video

When viewing a video, you are presented with all the same information and options available on a photo page. However, a video by virtue of being a video, has many more ways to interact with it than a photo.

  • Play or pause
  • Loading status bar
  • View current playtime and time remaining
  • Volume and mute option
  • Play full screen
  • Embed the video

Navigating the Gallery System

The navigation for the gallery system is found at the top of every gallery page and consists of:

  • Breadcrumbs: The breadcrumb trail includes in order:
    • User’s display name (linked to their profile page)
    • All Galleries (linked to the top level photo or video page for that user)
    • Current gallery name {linked to the thumbnail view of the gallery}
    • Title of the current photo or video
  • Link to Manage Photos or Videos: This link opens the Media Manager in a popup format. All actions you can normally take from the Media Manager are available here.
  • Content Number and Total: This will display the item number you are on within the larger gallery total. I.E. Video 2 of 6 or Photo 3 of 5
  • Pagination: This utilizes ONEsite’s standard pagination which includes previous and next links, as well as individual page numbers if needed.