Categories allow for page entries to be structured. They also allow for much easier navigation and seeing other similar items.

Creating Categories

To create categories, go to that category page and create it:/wiki/Category:API

Adding Pages to Categories

To add a page to a category, place the following (typically towards the bottom of the page) to the page:[[Category:API]]

You can add as many categories as you would like to a page. But you should only add the lowest level category to a page. The categories will cascade up (to some degree). Also, the navigation might not work perfectly if a page has more than one category, so keep that in mind.

Now that you’ve added a page to a category, you can go back and see all pages on that category: /wiki/Category:API.

To see all categories, go to: /wiki/One:Categories


To make a category a subcategory of another category, go to that page (the subcategory) and add the parent category towards the bottom of the page:Ex. If you want XMLRPC to be a subcategory of API, edit XML-RPC and put this text towards the bottom: [[Category:API]].

We will need to add categories to all existing pages to make the navigation work 100%. If a page already had the category tag, we will need to update that page so it can re-save, thus adding any existing categories to the category table.