Group permissions and privacy play a very key role on our sites.

In addition to the group join method and privacy level for viewing the group, it is possible to set detailed content level permissions for a group. These settings can be applied to:

  • Blogs
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Comments
  • Forums

And are broken down by type of user:

  • Group Moderator
  • Group Members
  • Visitors to the group (member of community but not group, or not member of community at all)

The default settings for a newly created group are:

  • Only the group owner can approve new content
  • Only the owner and group moderators can manage all content
  • All members of a group can create content
  • Visitors of a group can only add comments and make forum posts

These settings can be adjusted by the group owner by visiting the Group Permissions page at: community.domainname.com/groupname/admin/group_settings.one. A link to this page is provided to the group owner on the Edit Group Settings page that appears in the Group navigation menu.