This feature can be accessed through the Control Panel at Options > Custom BB Codes.

The Custom BBCode page allows the network operator to add additional bbcodes beyond what is available through the core bbcodes for their users to use within the forums.

Creating Your Own BB Codes

When you first load the Custom BBCodes page, you will be presented with the creation screen. This screen is broken into two parts – BBCode on the left, and Output on the right. The BBCode box is the format of what your users will type to use it, while the output takes what the user has typed and translates into your new code.

To the right of BBCode, there is a tooltip to show ONEcodes. ONEcodes are variables with predefined actions used in making more complex bbcodes.

In the example we’ll discuss here, the BBCode box below shows a new code to link to existing forum posts on another site. The user wraps their text in a post tag and must know the post number from the original forums. In the output box we see that the first value (the number of the post) is inserted into the URL string, while the second value (the text for the link) is inserted into the name of the link and wrapped in an ‘a’ tag to create the link.

Manage BBCodes

The Custom BBCodes page displays a list existing BBCodes. This list defaults to those BBCodes in the General category that are Active. This can be adjusted in the upper right corner of the page with the filters box.

Each BBCode is listed individually and includes an edit and delete link.