Module NameDescription
ArticlesThis module is available only on groups and displays a list of blog posts that members of that group have written for their own blog page but wish to share with members of one or more groups to which they belong.
Associated BlogsThis module is available only on groups and displays a list of blog posts that members of that group have written for their own blog page but wish to share with members of one or more groups they belong to.
Blog ArchiveThis module displays a quick access list of all blogs written by a particular user or group organized by month and year.
Blog CategoriesThis module breaks down the list of blogs that a user hasposted by category. Users can custom define theircategories list. The General category is the default.
Blog HeadlinesThis module displays a list of blog titles from a user or group.
Blog PostsThis module displays blog posts from the community and include multiple template options to customize the display of the posts.
BookmarksThis module allows users to add their own URLs to a page.
Calendar EventsThis module is usually used in conjunction with the Mini Calendar Module.
ChartThis module allows a network to display poll results without the need of having users respond to a poll first.
CommentsThis module displays the comments a user or piece of content has received. It also gives logged in users the ability to leave a comment.
ConversationsThis module displays a dynamic view of current forum activity.
Custom HTMLThe Custom HTML module is designed to allow network owners a way to add their own custom elements to the page.
Display AdThe Display Ad module displays advertisements across your social network and is used in conjunction with the Ad Manager in the control panel.
DocumentsThe Documents Module displays a list of documents that have been added by a user or a group.
Featured GroupsThis module displays a list of groups from the community or from a specific tier. The group avatar, group name, group description and number of group members are displayed.
Find PeopleThis module allows users to search the community based on name and age.NOTE: This module has been deprecated. The alternative solution is to utilize the available search functionality on the /go/network/search pages or the /go/browse/users aggregate page.
Forum Jump MenuThis module allows networks to place this menu anywhere on their site, greatly expanding a user’s ability to quickly jump into their forums.
Forum TopicsThis module displays a list of forum topics sorted by most recent or most viewed.In context of a network page, this module displays forum posts from the network level forums.In context of a group page, this module displays only forum topics posted in the group’s forums.In context of a user page, this module displays only forum topics to which a user has posted.
Friend Activity News FeedThis module displays recent activity of users who are on your friend list with a link back to that user’s profile page as well as directly to the new piece of content.
Friend Status HistoryThis module displays recent status updates by a user’s friends.
FriendsThis module displays a list of users that the page owner has chosen as friends.
Google MapThis module allows networks to display an interactive Google map within the page. Extra setup is required before this module can be used on a network.
Group ActivityThis module displays a set number of groups of which a user is a member and includes a brief overview of any recent activity.
Group DetailsThis module displays the long description of the group as defined by the group owner during group creation.
Group MembersThis module displays members of a group. It can be set to highlight the owner, moderators, or show only normal members.
Group OverviewThis module is the group equivalent of the User Profile module. It displays the group name, group avatar, date created and action links that update based on membership status.
Left Rail and NavigationThis is a subtemplate set of modules that includes user profile information and navigation.
LoginThis module allows users to signup, login, or request their password.
MenuThis module allows a network operator to add a custom menu into a page.
Mini CalendarThis module displays a smaller version of our standard calendar. Dates with events link back to the full event descriptions.
Network VitalsThis module displays statistics for your site.
PetitionThis module allows the network operator to choose a petition created from the Petition System to be displayed elsewhere on the site.
PhotosThis module displays a thumbnail list of photos. The contents of the list will depend on the placement of the module and the settings defined during placement.
PodcastsThis module displays recent podcasts created by a user, group or the network as a whole.
Poll DisplayThis module is used to display a single poll of your choice. A valid poll ID must be included in the settings.
PollsThis module automatically pulls in the most recently created poll or polls and displays them.
Profile DisplayThis module displays information about the user whose pages are currently being viewed.
Quick MessagesThis module displays a list of messages requiring user action.
Recommended ContentThis module displays a list of content to the current viewer of the module based off of a profile field response and tagged content using the content categories feature.
Related UsersThis module displays a list of users that are related to the current based on responses to specific profile questions. This module requires extra setup before it can be used.
RSS ReaderThis module displays the feeds a user or group have set up on the RSS Feed Manager page within their account.
RSS SelectorThis module allows users to select from a predefined list of available RSS feeds provided by their network operator, or select their own feeds.
SandboxThis module allows a user to add their own text or HTML to a page and is most commonly used on a user profile page or a group profile page. If used on a group profile page, please be aware that the contents of this module may only be edited by the group owner.
SmartyThis module allows networks to display custom templates inside the framework of a standard module.
Social Activity FeedThis module is a tabbed module that displays recent activity on a user’s Facebook wall and Twitter feeds.
Sub TemplateThis module allows networks the ability to make sets of modules to display within a single area.
Tag CloudThis module displays up to the top 50 most used tags. The more often a tag is used, the larger it appears visually in the tag cloud module.
Template Tabbed ModuleThis module allows the combination of multiple modules or multiple views of a single module into one space. For example, a network owner could have a module for photos that displays the most recent, most views, and most commented. Alternatively, one could combine the forum posts and blog posts module or any other combination of modules as well
Top Point EarnersThis module displays a list of users who have the highest point activity over a given timeframe. For this module to work, a network must be using the Points & Rewards system.
TwitterThis module displays feeds from Twitter.
User FavoritesThis module displays a list of content that a user has marked as their favorite.
User GroupsThis module displays the groups of which the user is member.
User NavigationThis module provides vertical user navigation menu. This is included by default within the Left Rail and Navigation module.
User News FeedThis module displays all recent activity for a user.
User PointsThis is used in conjunction with the Points and Rewards system. It displays an interface to interact with ones user points.
User ProfileThis module allows a network operator to customize the profile information displayed for a user.
User StatsThis module displays a list of statistics related to the current user.
User StatusThis module displays a user’s status and mood. If the viewer is the owner of the page, they will also have the option of updating their information.
Users ListThis module displays a list of users on the network. When used in context of a group page, it will display a list of users in that group.
VideosThis module displays a thumbnail list of videos.
WikiThis module displays activity information from your network wiki.
WonderThis module is used in conjunction with the Wonder System. This module requires prior setup before it can be used on a network.
Youtube DisplayThis module allows a network operator to feature Youtube videos within a module framework.