Extensible User Profiles are a key component of the ONEsite Platform. Members are able to create a profile within the system after registration. Content and activity is associated with their user profile.

  • Customizable Profile Fields
  • Customizable Look & Feel
  • Optional End-user Drag & Drop Customization
  • User Tiers
  • Privacy & Permission Settings
  • Customizable Profile Setup Wizard
  • Customizable User Themes and Skins

Custom Profile Fields

Profile questions are customized for each Social Platform implementation. Responses can be free text or selected as drop downs, check boxes, or radio buttons. Responses can be public or private as well as editable or not.

Custom profiles and their fields can be created and managed within the Control Panel.

User Profile Tiers

Profiles can be associated with one or more tiers. Tiers have a broad range of uses, including:

  • Special layouts and themes for specific tiers
  • Different profile fields associated with each tier
  • Different access to functionality associated with each tier
  • Content highlighted based on tier
  • Users searchable based on tier.

Many clients use tiers to distinguish special, official, editorial, and administrative users and their content within the Social Platform.

Tiers can also be used to created advertising microsites as profiles within the community.