ONEsite’s environments include multiple server clusters in ONEsite’s datacenter. For questions or access, please contact your Project Manager or Tech Lead.


The ONEsite team engages in active development of the platform and performs peer code reviews before code is committed to Staging on this environment.


Staging includes code that is being readied for release on Production. Testing of new features and functionality is performed on Staging. Each day Staging is refreshed with the most up to date data from Production. It is important to mention that if a client is making changes to their network on staging, everything will be wiped and synced back to Production environment values once a day. This includes all changes made.

Operational Testing and Evaluation (OTE)

OTE is built as a place for developing and testing integration and migration activities. Each week OTE is refreshed with up to date data, making it a less volatile environment than Staging.


Production is the tested, published application made publicly available. It includes multiple server clusters performing dedicated system roles, including web, database, services, media, and caching servers.