During the processing of your REST Service Request the response from the service will contain a response code. The code will be indicative of either success of failure of the service call. The following table lists the response codes that will be returned and their descriptions.

Error Codes for REST Service Calls

Code Description
0 XML General Error
1 XML General Success
2 XML General Failure
4 XML General Empty Set
100001 XML Invalid Service
100002 XML Missing Parameter
100003 XML Invalid Parameter
100004 XML Illegal Access
100005 XML Invalid Action
200004 XML Duplicate Code
200005 XML Invalid Collection Code

XML Response Format

The response code format will be in the standard XML output format used by all REST Web Services.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>

The XML document node will be the name of the service that is being called. The first child of the document node will be the action of the service that is being called. There will be a “status” node that contains to child nodes “code” and “message”. The “code” node will contain the standard response code indicating the result of the service call. The “message” node will contain a descriptive message specific to the action being called.