The ONEsite platform contains a number of advanced features which allow for robust integration with 3rd party advertising and analytics services. High granularity of meta information couple with the ONEsite event system allows for advertising campaigns and specific metrics to be tracked with ease.


The Drag & Drop layout system allows for advertising to be inserted within standard areas of pages or for specific pages to be targeted for specific ad zones. ONEsite by default provides several standard ad zone templates which when enabled load within appropriate areas of the layout of key pages.

Common Advertising Vendors

We have extensive experience integrating with these and other advertising companies:

  • Google Adsense
  • Doubleclick
  • 24×7 Real Media


One very common use of the ONEsite platform is for microsites to be created focused on a particular marketing campaign or contest. These microsites may have a highly customized look & feel and may themselves have custom advertising code embedded on their pages or feature flows.


The ONEsite header or footer may be customized to include either Javascript tracking codes or transparent tracking pixels. The template for these areas may be adjusted to pull in extra information about the current page or the current user to allow for advanced data collection.

We commonly pass data such as the following into the tracking system:

  • Page Title
  • Page Type (forum/blog/gallery/etc.)
  • Content Meta Information (forum category, blog post category, etc.)
  • User State (registered user vs. guest)
  • User Demographic or Extensible Profile (gender, favorite sport, etc.)

Event Targeting

The ONEsite platform is event oriented and any given event which occurs may be passed to the 3rd party analytics sytem via an API call, by setting cookies or by adjusting the Javascript variables on the next page load. Thus, events which you wish to track (i.e. “marker” events) may be shown in your analytics system.

Commonly tracked events include:

  • User Registration
  • Social Login/Registration (and which system they came from–Faceboook/Twitter/etc.)
  • Invite Friends
  • Content Created

Common Analytics Vendors

We have extensive experience integrating with these and other analytics companies: