Our mini profile system allows you to display certain pieces (components) of a user’s profile information. For example, on search pages, we often show the user’s avatar and name. On our forums, we usually show the user’s avatar, name, num posts, and badges. Etc.

Each instance of the mini profile must have a unique text ID. This allows you to later override the default components for that mini profile instance using a Network Option. Network Options must be set by your Project Manager.

In the example below you see two views of the Forum Thread Mini Profile Component. The first is the default view and includes:

  • Avatar
  • Username
  • Points (if the Network Loyalty System if active)
  • User Tools Menu (if activated)
  • Post Count

In the second example, you see a network with a customized Forum thread Mini Profile Component. This network is not using the Network Loyalty System, and has opted to include:

  • Date Joined
  • Badges

Please note: To use the mini profile, some core areas of the platform require this network option to be set to true: use_new_miniprofile

Available mini profile locations

LocationNetwork Option
All Locations *MiniProfileClass_General
Forum ThreadsMiniProfileId_ForumThread
Forum Threads – Moderators onlyMiniProfileId_ForumThreadMod
go/browse/users pageMiniProfileId_BrowseUsersUserAvatar
Friends moduleMiniProfileId_FriendsModule
Recommended Users moduleMiniProfileId_RecommendedUsersAvatar
Users List moduleMiniProfileId_mod_users_list
Group Members moduleMiniProfileId_groupMemberList
go/browse/blogs pageMiniProfileId_BrowseBlogsUserAvatar

* While a network could set one set of options for the go/browse/blog page and another for the forum thread element, the general element will override any other options set and should be used alone.

Example Use

The mini profile ID for the go/browse/users page is BrowseUsersUserAvatar. If we wanted to show avatar,name,friendship for users on go/browse/user, we’d have to set a network option to override the default avatar,name components.

The netopt name you would use is “MiniProfileId_MINIPROFILEIDHERE” so “MiniProfileId_BrowseUsersUserAvatar“. Then set the value of that option to a comma-separated list of components you want to use (avatar,name,friendship).

Example components string value:


You can also pass in variables to a component. Format:

componentname:var1name=var1value&var2name=var2value  Example: num_posts:num_posts=25