The Asset Manager is part of ONEsite’s CMS family of products and allows a network to create and manage their own unique set of content or assets. It is a front end interface that allows users with the proper permissions to create content to add it to your network.

The Asset Manager can be found at: http://NETWORK_NAME/go/asset/manage

All asset types created in the Content Builder will be available here to create content or manage existing content. This also includes two default content types:

  • Articles
  • Groups

This page itself is divided into two parts:

  • Search and Filters
  • Asset Listing

Search and Filters

This column is found on the left side of the screen. The search box will help you find specific assets and will search on any field set as searchable in the control panel during content creation.

Below search is the Filters area. This area will differ from network to network but has 3 possible filters.

  • Asset Type – This is a list of all content types that have been defined and activated in your control panel.
  • Group – This is a list of all groups on your network. As groups can have their own content, this allows you to look at each group individually.
  • Node – This filter is only available for networks that are siloed together. In such a situation, the parent node will be listed first, followed by all child nodes.

Add New Asset

When you click New Asset a modal window opens with a list of all active content types for your network. This list is presented alphabetically and includes both title and description. (see left)

Once you a select a content type, a form will open on the page allowing you to fill in all fields defined for that content type. In the example below we see the content type Band Photos was chosen. Band Photos has 5 fields, only two of which are required.

Adding UGC Content

In the example below, you see the Search window filtered to only show photos. As this example is part of a set of siloed networks, you also have the option of selecting a photo from one of the child nodes attached to the parent node.

UGC Types

Examples of user generated content (UGC) available to attach as a field type include:

  • Users
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Groups
  • Forum Thread
  • Poll
  • Petition
  • Survey
  • Podcast

Edit Group Details

Groups are included as a content type by default. This means you can utilize the Asset Manager to keep all your groups organized as well.

To edit a group, go to the asset type filter and select group. This will populate a list of all groups on your network. Click on the name of the group you wish to edit.