Posts a moderation flag. Flagged content can be reviewed by moderators in the control panel.


Name Description
xrefID required The xref id of the content that is being referenced ~ this id is equivilent to content’s specific identifier; I.E.: video_id,photo_id,etc…
xrefType required The type of content being flagged
nodeID optional The primary identifier for your network.
issue optional The reason the content is being flagged
description optional The description for why its being flagged
reporterID optional The userID of the user reporting the content
reporterName optional The name of the reporter (for logged out flagging)
reporterEmail optional The email of the reporter (for logged out flagging)
url optional The URL of the page where content was reported
reporterIP optional The IP address of the user reporting the issue.
output optional The response output format. Accepts JSON and XML.

Request Syntax[devkey]

JSON Response