Updates a user’s basic account information and preferences.


Name Description
user_id required User ID
node_id optional Node ID
domain optional Domain
email optional Email Address
username optional Username
password optional Password
subdir optional Subdir
first_name optional First name
last_name optional Last Name
display_name optional Display Name
birthday optional Date of Birth (Unix Timestamp)
gender optional Gender
avatar optional Avatar (URL or Photo ID)
ip optional IP Address
account_status optional Account Status
phone optional Phone Number
address optional Street Address
address_2 optional Street Address 2
city optional City
state optional State
zip optional Zip Code
country optional Country
last_blog_visited optional Last Blog Visited
quote optional Personal Quote
timezone optional Timezone
account_type optional Account Type
geo_zip optional Geo Zip
geo_market optional Geo Market
locale optional Locale (Language/Country Code)
location optional Custom Location
last_login optional Last Login (Unix Timestamp)
last_activity optional Last Activity (Unix Timestamp)
message_privacy optional Message Privacy
friends_approval optional Friends Approval
comments_approval optional Comments Approval
allow_html_comments optional Allow HTML Comments
email_notification optional Email Notification
group_broadcast optional Receive Group Broadcasts
show_online_status optional Show Online Status
is_searchable optional Appears in Search Results
dob_display optional Birthday Display
qa_friends_only optional Quick Actions From Friends Only
qa_page_visible optional Make Quick Actions Public
qa_email optional Quick Action Notification Email
show_favorites optional Show Favorites
site_privacy optional Site Privacy
activity_privacy optional Activity Privacy
friendship_acceptance_email optional Email Notification on Friendship Acceptance
friendship_privacy optional Friendship Privacy
new_group_member_email optional Email Notification When New Member Joins Group
network_activity_digest optional Receive Network Activity Digest Email

Request Syntax

https://services.onesite.com/1/user/update.json?user_id=229928503&address=14000 Quail Springs Pkwy&address_2=Suite 3600&city=Oklahoma City&state=OK&zip=73134&devkey=[devkey]

JSON Response