The User object
Method Description
addExternalAccount Associates an external account with a user.
addExternalProperty Adds an external property to a user.
create Creates a new user.
createWithSession Creates a new user and a session for that user.
delete Deletes a user.
deleteExternalAccount Deletes an associated external account.
deleteExternalProperty Removes an external property associated with a user.
getDetails Fetches basic information about a user.
getExternalAccount Fetches a single external account associated with a user.
getExternalProperty Fetches an external property value associated with a user.
getOrCreate Retrieves an existing user or attempts to create one if none is found.
getUserByExternalProperty Fetches the user associated with an external property.
isEmailTaken Checks whether the email address is taken on this node.
isExternalAccountTaken Checks whether the external account is taken on this node.
isSubdirTaken Checks whether the subdir is taken on this node.
isUsernameTaken Checks whether the username is taken on this node.
update Updates a user's basic account information and preferences.
updateExternalAccount Updates an associated external account.
validateCredentials Validates a user's login credentials.