Adds a comment to a discussion.


Name Description
nodeID required Node of content we are working with.
discussionID optional Id of discussion (topic_id) to work with.
ecPartnerID optional ID of partner for ext_content.
ecXrefID optional ID of content for ext_content.
ecType optional Type of content for ext_content.
userID required User we are working with.
content required Content of comment.
userIP required IP address of user we are working with.
dateCreated optional Date on which the content was created.
premoderateContent optional Overrides the default network settings to premoderate or not.
parentID optional ID of parent comment.
output optional The response output format. Accepts JSON and XML.
xrefID optional The cross reference id that the discussion is attached to. (ie: video_id, photo_id, statusId, etc.) Do not use along with ecXrefID / ecXrefType / ecPartnerID.
type optional The cross reference content type that the discussion is attached to. (ie: blog_post, photo, video, photo_gallery, user_profile, group, forum_post, forum_thread, forum, message, site, audio, audio_gallery, podcast, petition, document, article, article_version, calendar_event, calendar, wiki_page, ugc_status, ext_content, discussion_post) Do not use along with ecXrefID / ecXrefType / ecPartnerID.

Request Syntax[devkey]

JSON Response