Edits a forum thread.


Name Description
node_id required Node ID the thread belongs to.
thread_id required ID of a forum thread.
user_id required ID of the user performing an action.
user_relation required User relation of the user making the request.
forum_id optional Forum ID the thread belongs to.
thread_title optional Title of the thread.
sticky optional Whether or not a thread is sticky (appears at top of the list).
lock optional Whether or not to immediately lock the thread.
expires optional Future date the thread should become locked.
tagged_categories optional Categories to tag this thread with.
output optional The response output format. Accepts JSON and XML.

Request Syntax

https://services.onesite.com/rest/ugcForumThread?action=editThread&node_id=188234&thread_id=28943337&user_id=143593317&user_relation=member&thread_title=My new thread title…&devkey=[devkey]

JSON Response