The SvcModeration object
Method Description
contentFlagged Checks to see if a given piece of content is flagged or not.
getLog Gets the moderation log for a node with options for filtering by date range and xref_tags
postFlag Posts a moderation flag. Flagged content can be reviewed by moderators in the control panel.


The SvcPremoderation object
Method Description
approveContent Bulk approves content.
denyContent Bulk deny content.
escalateContent Bulk escalate content.
getQueue Retrieve items from pre-moderation queue.


The SvcProfanity object
Method Description
filterWords Filters profanity from the word or words passed to the service.


The SvcSpamClassify object
Method Description
classifyContent Classify content and store into spam_classification.
contentSpamicity Give probability that content is spam.
trainOnContent Train classifier on given content.