The UgcForum object
Method Description
addModerators Adds a moderator for a forum.
associateWithBlog Associates a forum with a given blog ID.
blogCanAccess Determines if a blog ID has access to a particular forum/category ID.
createForum Creates a new forum.
deleteForum Deletes a forum (but not its contents).
deleteForumContent Deletes all threads and posts within a forum.
deleteModerators Removes a moderator from a forum.
editForum Edits the information for particular forum.
getBoardList Gets a hierarchical list of categories and forums for a site.
getForumInfo Gets info about a particular forum.
getModerators Gets the user IDs of a forum's moderators.
getSignature Gets a user's forum signature contents.
getThreads Gets threads for a particular forum.
moveForum Moves a forum to the desired position within the list of forums.
updateSignature Updates a user's forum signature contents.