Edits a blog post via service, using a post_id for the reference. Also checks for blog ownership via core_u and core_x.


Name Description
postID required Blog post ID.
xrefID optional The xref id of the content that is being referenced ~ this id is equivilent to content’s specific identifier; I.E.: video_id,photo_id,etc…
contentID optional The content id of the content that is being referenced.
userID optional The user’s primary identifier.
nodeID optional The primary identifier for your network.
blogID optional The primary identifier for the user or group’s site. (Same as siteID)
messageBody optional Message body of blog post.
messageTitle optional Message title of blog post.
categoryID optional Category id of blog post.
status optional Status.
profanityFilter optional Flag for profanity filtering for blog posts.
output optional The response output format. Accepts JSON and XML.

Request Syntax


JSON Response