Create a new piece of external content.


Name Description
partnerID optional Unique numeric identifier of partner.
partnerName optional Unique name of partner.
type optional Type of external content.
xrefID optional Id of external content.
title optional Title of content.
createdBy optional User how owns a piece of content.
description optional Description of a piece of content.
url optional URL where a piece of content is located.
imageUrl optional URL to image associated with a piece of content.
permissionLevel optional String permissions level of content.
allowRebroadcast optional Pass this as 1 if you do not want to error out when creating a piece of content that already exists. Good if you want to re-broadcast something.
groupID optional Group to get content for.
output optional The response output format. Accepts JSON and XML.

Request Syntax EXT CONTENT&url=[devkey]

JSON Response