Blogs & Articles


The UgcArticle object
Method Description
activateArticle Activates this article if it is in an 'inactive' state. Also activates this article's current version_id.
createArticle Creates an article.
deactivateArticle De-activates this article and its current active version.
deleteArticle Deletes the requested article and all of its versions.
getArticleInfo Gets information about a particular article.
getArticles Retrieves a list of articles.
incrementViews Increments the number of views for an article.
updateArticle Updates an article. Creates a new version for this article for historical purposes.


The UgcBlog object
Method Description
addPost Submit a new blog post.
delete Deletes a blog post.
editPost Edits a blog post via service, using a post_id for the reference. Also checks for blog ownership via core_u and core_x.
getBlogs Return all blogs for a given user_id or url. Optionally in RSS format.
incrementViews Increments the view count for a blog post.
updateBlogStatus Updates a blog post's status.