Users & Groups


The Group object
Method Description
create Creates a group with specified paramaters
delete Deactivates the specified group.
get Retrieves the specified group
update Updates a group's information with specified paramaters


The SvcGroups object
Method Description
addUserToGroup Adds a user as a member of group.
changeUserGroupRoles Changes a user's membership type for a group.
deactivateGroup Deactives a group.
getGroupMembers Gets the members of a group.
getUserGroups Gets the groups a user is a member of.
removeUserFromGroup Removes a user from a group.
viewAllGroups Gets a network's groups.
viewGroup Gets information about a group.


The SvcTier object
Method Description
addGroupToTier Inserts a group into a tier.
addUserToTier Inserts a user into a tier.
getNetworkTiers Returns a list of tiers on the given network
getUserTiers Gets tiers to which a user belongs.
removeGroupFromTier Removes a group from a tier.
removeUserFromTier Removes a user from a tier.


The SvcUserProperty object
Method Description
getAllUserProperties Get all of the user properties.
getPropertiesByType Fetches a list of all the properties of the given type which have been set for the given user.
getProperty Fetches the value of a user's property by type and name.
getUsersByProperty Fetches all users with the given property as identified by the given type, name and, optionally, value.
removeProperty Removes a user property as identified by the given type and name.
setProperty Creates a new user property with the given type, name and value.


The SvcUsers object
Method Description
getUserDetails This method will return some basic information about a user
getUserGroups Fetches all the groups to which a user belongs.
incrementViews Increments the view count for a site.
messageUser Used to send a message to one or more users. Mulitiple users can be messaged by submitting a comma delimited list of user ids.
premoderateUser Adds a user to the premoderation queue.
updUserStatus Updates the status of a user. Status should be one of the following: warn, suspend, delete, active, or pending.
viewAllUsers Return a listing of all of the users associated with a network.
viewUserDetail View the profile details for a specific user record.
viewUserExtendedProfile Action to view the extended profile(s) of a user.
viewUsersByStatus Return a listing of users for a specific status; I.E.:active, suspended, etc...


The UgcUserList object
Method Description
addToList Add users to list.
create Create a User List.
delete Delete a list.
editDetails Edit details of a list.
getLists Get lists for a user.
removeFromList Remove users from list.