Activity Feed

Create and configure feeds containing user or site content as well as external social data.


The Status object
Method Description
update Change the status for a user


The SvcNewsfeed object
Method Description
getFriendData Gets a friend's newsfeed. (Data about a particular user)
getGroupData Gets a group's newsfeed.
getNetworkData Gets a network newsfeed. (Data about all the activity on the network)
getNetworkGroupData Gets a network group newsfeed. (Data about the groups on the network)
getStatusData Gets status feed for a particular user.
getUserData Gets user's newsfeed. (Data about the user's friends)


The UgcStatus object
Method Description
deleteStatuses Deletes statuses, as given by statusID. If you want to do more than one at once, seperate the parameters with commas.
getStatuses Grabs statuses based off of nodeID, siteID or userID. If more than one is set, it will preferentially use userID, then siteID, then nodeID.
setStatus Sets the status of a user/site.